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Cute Women’s Panties!!

These fashionable and cute women’s panties are adorable. I’d hate to cover them up with clothes. Click the link above for the product page.



cat stockings

incredibly cute stockings that have cat faces on the front, and cat tails on the back. Available at shop.seoulrhythm.com


I had never seen “the voice” before and wondered what it was all about. I don’t actually even know much about it, however I caught a few bits of auditions this season. I couldn’t tell you what season we are in and not sure if I’d stick with it or not since my tv time is limited and there’s way cooler shows out there like Grimm, Fringe, etc…

What I did notice was that throughout the audition process on “the voice“, I have seen all the judges this season [Cee lo, Adam, Blake and Christina] all wearing the same thing each episode. I don’t know if they are supposed to wear the same thing or if all the auditions are just filmed on the same days even though they are replayed back in different episodes, but I noticed that nonetheless.

Another unfortunate mishap that I wish I hadn’t seen is the fact that Christina Aguilera is busting out of her top. There is a way to look classy and hot and still show a little but if you ask me this looks like a train wreck. Top too revealing, and you can’t tell here but the dress barely covers her bum as well.

I saw this random “goodie” in a recent ad for the “Gap”. My first thought of yuk, these guys seriously need some socks, I’m sure is a far cry from what the brand would be hoping for, for their new campaign “Exclusive Gap x GQ menswear collection“.  I just can’t help it, I think guys not wearing socks with dress shoes looks awful.

where are your socks?

Maybe they are running in search of socks? Maybe the sock gnomes stole them? Maybe the washer/dryer elves ate them?


What are your thoughts on forgoing socks?




Has the aesthetically pleasing look of perfectly straight teeth made a u-turn? I swear I am not a shallow person, but I can’t help but notice the uptick lately in gap toothed models.

When you take a good looking girl, and she smiles with pursed lips or a half smile etc…she can be the most beautiful person, but then once she smiles with that gap toothed grin it makes me want to run away. I want to give them a business card to a dentist or an orthodontist. It must be some new fad to use a gap-toothed model, but they can keep it. I’m not a fan of this new fad at all, and in some cases it seems down right creepy! It reminds me of a 2$ hooker.


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