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If you like Star Wars, music, and star wars music, I have a video for you.  It’s a video of a battle between a Jedi and a Sith, and a battle between two musicians. It’s Cello wars and a light saber duel by the PianoGuys. Opposite sides of the Force meet and battle, and then Darth Vader wants to “play”. Don’t forget to stay for the stinger, after the video!



#10 “The photoshop”

#18 “The Grill”

#3 The Michael Cera’s Mustache

If you like these and want to see more, here you go. you can thank me later.

Look how awesome customer service is!!
In case the photos cuts off due to formatting, you can see the full image here:

A Letter from the Tooth Fairy

A new way to get your kids to clean their room!


Chihuahua Massage

This Chihuahua puppy discovers the delight of a mechanical massager.

New way to jazz up the cone of shame

If Facebook Existed Years Ago

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