So those who are familiar with the McDonald’s Fast Food chain characters will surely recognize this fellow who goes by the name of Grimace. Being the weird person that I am who often has random epiphanies and spouts silly musings, I managed to come up with this:

I was inspired a while back after seeing an old 80’s McDonald’s Commercial, and I started pondering over Mr.Grimace here. I looked at him and thought well he looks a bit odd aside from the purple color. I thought to myself you know, he looks like an upside down triangle, then after thinking some more I decided nope actually I guess he looks a bit more like a butt plug you’d find in a sex shop, well minus the eyes as I’d be willing to bet most butt plugs probably do not have eyes. So I can only assume that the reason his name is “grimace” is that when or if he was shoved up someone’s anus that it would hurt like hell and make you “grimace” in pain. Perhaps this is another one of those hidden jokes created by someone working behind the scenes at that time and if not, then its a sure hell of a coincidence.